Ingentes Inc.
Founded in 2005, in Waterloo Region - the heart of Canada's Silicon Valley:
We engage, enrich and empower everyone through innovative technology solutions.
Our team is comprised of academic and technology leaders with a strong strategic and operational focus.
Our philosophy is to make things simple, instantly accessible and directed to the right people.
Our adaptable process is an extensible framework that is customized to your business.
What We Do
Aligning technology with your business - not the other way around!
Technology Strategy and Roadmaps
Software Project Management
Domain Analysis & Modelling
Business Architecture
System Architecture
Software Architecture
Data Architecture
Full-Stack Development
Automated Testing
Continuous Integration & Delivery
Monitoring, Metrics & Governance
Digital Transformation
All businesses, no matter what industry they are in, must strive to deliver the ideal digital experience to customers, partners and employees.


Digital leaders stand out from their competitors in two ways: how they put digital to work, especially in engaging with clients and suppliers, and how intensively their employees use digital tools in every aspect of their daily activities.
- Harvard Business Review, April 2016


With an “outside-in” approach, the first step to a successful solution is to identify what digital experience is needed by a customer, partner or employee. Only then should the focus shift to the technologies that are needed to deliver that experience.


Building a digital business capability is much better than building a tactical point to point integration. Decoupling people, process and technology creates a truly service-based digital business that can quickly adapt to business change, trends and patterns.

We are always available to discuss the discovery, development and delivery of your digital destiny!
We are always on the look out for talented people.